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Title [Exhibitor] ISenDo Co., Ltd.
Date 2018.10.26

Exhibitor Notice! [ISenDo Co., Ltd.]

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Company ISenDo Co., Ltd.
Exhibit Item Hologram
Exhibit Detail 1. HOLOAQUA : Hologram smart Aquarium for you can See, Hear, and Raise. Pretty mini aquarium for healing and emotional stability through hologram.
2. HOLOPONG : View the hologram from all directions in HOLOPONG. Put HOLOPONG on your smartphone and view the Hologram Contents.
3. HOLOEDU : Holographic display(HDP) that allows you to view 3D Contents from four directions more widely and clearly through the use of a smartphone mirroring wireless method. Store HOLOEDU Contents with a smartphone App. By viewing holograms in 3D, you can have the quality value and satisfaction of education.
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